Saturday, April 2, 2011

How About New Flavors of Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Starch Free, All Natural Yes! To Cookies?

Your cookies are wonderful. I have recommended them to several friends, and I plan to order again. I was wondering if you plan to add any new flavors such as chocolate chip?   Keep up the good work, these cookies are great on so many levels.

Jane L.  - New York City

We would like to introduce more flavors in the near future along with some new items like a convenient snack size bag and possibly muffins, chips, etc. Chocolate chip cookies are a problem for a couple reasons.  We haven't found a supplier who makes an all natural zero carbohydrate chocolate chip that we can use and chocolate has a tendency to melt so shipping and shelf life become a challenge without added chemicals that we won't use.  We do have some other fun flavors in mind as we continue to grow.  Bringing out new products is expensive so the faster we grow the more budget we have to introduce to new products. So please tweet, email, Facebook, blog, chat, etc. with everyone you think might like to know about Yes! To Cookies and encourage them to do the same.  We need everyone's help to spread the word that Yes! To Cookies can replace snacks that are loaded with unhealthy starch and sugar.  Thank you for writing and your kind email.

Yes! To Cookies
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