Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FAT Fallacy and Why Yes! To Cookies Gluten Free, Sugar Free, All Natural Cookies Use Butter and Eggs

Yes! To Cookies has 4 to 4.5 grams of fat per cookie from egg and butter.  Did you know that the body needs fat to carry nutrients?  That fat is converted to fatty acids and that your nervous system requires a certain amount of fat to function properly?  These are facts that the multi-billion dollar "fat-free" industry aren't touting nearly as enthusiastically as their reduce the fat message that has been promoted fort the last fifty years.  Despite the "fat-free" frenzy that has gripped the globe, obesity and heart disease are at an all time high.  Does anyone else see the conflict of interest and the confusing lack of clinical evidence? 

Did you know that fat actually provides satiety which means a small amount of fat will tell your body that it's full and satisfied a lot quicker than a big plate of carbohydrates.  Here's a test (yes you'll live) sit down and eat a stick of butter.  My bet is that you probably won't be able to finish eating the stick of butter before you feel like you can't eat another bite.  Now same experiment but sit down and eat a plate of pasta (all sugar) and I bet you'll be hammering for a slice of pie or cake afterward.  The reality is that the body needs fat and so we choose to use hormone and antibiotic free dairy in Yes! To Cookies to provide satiety and taste.  Since there's no significant carbohydrates in Yes! To Cookies, the fat has no sugar to bind with in the body (unless you're eating other high carbohydrate foods) and so the fat won't be stored on your belly, unlike that plate of pasta.

Current dietary recommendations are to eat no more than 30% or fewer calories as fat.  This low level of fat is hard to maintain and, according to recognized Endocrinologist, Dr. Richard Bernstein, M.D. in his book Diabetes Solution, many doctors believe it is driving people to eat an unhealthy amount of sugar as a replacement for fat.   Dr. Bernstein, an insulin dependent diabetic himself since the age of 9, goes on, “The fallacy that eating fat will make you fat is about as scientifically logical as saying that eating tomatoes will turn you red.” 

In his seminal book, he explains how protein, fat, carbohydrates and insulin actually affect the body.  Dr. Bernstein gives a clear, simple explanation of the how the body uses the foods that we eat.  He writes, “The primary source of body fat for most Americans is not dietary fat but carbohydrate, which is converted to blood sugar and then, with the aid of insulin, to fat by fat cells. Remember, insulin is our main fat building hormone.”  His book, Diabetes Solution, is well worth the read, whether or not you’re a diabetic. 

While Yes! To Cookies has almost no digestible carbohydrates, we chose to keep a healthy, nutritional amount of fat and protein.  At Yes! To Cookies we believe, as does Dr. Bernstein, that losing starch and sugar is a step well on the way to finding great health!

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