Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Not Use Cassava Flour in Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Starch Free, All Natural Yes! To Cookies Instead of Psyllium Seed Fiber ?

I know you use psyllium fiber for your basic ingredient. My sister was concerned that psyllium can cause bloating in some people. I just ordered Dr. Joseph Mercola's Energy Bars and he uses Cassava Flour as his base for his energy bars. Could this be used as a basis for your cookies instead of psyllium?

Hanna -- Claymont, DE

Dear Hanna,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We always appreciate ideas because it brings more information to our attention and we want Yes! To Cookies to be the best truly sugar free, gluten free, all-natural treat we can produce. Here's the nutrition facts data for Cassava.  You'll notice that only 4 grams are fiber of the 78 carbohydrates in the 1 cup serving size.  That means that the other 74 grams per cup are actually digested to sugar.  That's a LOT of sugar! We use Psyllium Seed, not husk.  Psyllium seed is not the same as psyllium husk that is used in laxatives. Psyllium seed is far less likely to cause problems with bloating.   If you research psyllium seed as compared to husk you'll see that the seed is much more easily tolerated and has a lot more nutrients than the husk.  Here's what has to say about psyllium seed over husk... "Psyllium seed has certain advantages over psyllium husk. It contains a range of nutrients the husk does not. Having less pectin, it degrades more slowly in the digestive tract, releasing acetates and butyrates that may protect the lining of the colon from mutations that lead to colon cancer. It does not, however, relieve constipation as quickly as psyllium husk." The husk is the outer shell of the seed that is most often used in laxatives and is about 99% mucilage. Cassava is extremely high in digestible sugar so we would not want to use it in Yes! To Cookies. Like most nutrition facts panels you'll notice that the "sugar" that they show in the cassava nutrition facts panel is actually only "sucrose". This leaves a substantial amount of digestible carbohydrates that are unexplained but in actuality still digest equivalent to glucose the same as "sucrose" and require the same amount of insulin and impact the body and endocrine system and waistline with the same food energy as sugar. This is an inconvenient truth that is not being explained to the public and is at the root of most of the autoimmune and obesity health problems that are harming billions of people. Psyllium seed is less than 1% digested into sugar so there is almost no impact on the endocrine system which is why we chose to use fiber instead of all the other flours that digest into sugar equivalent to sucrose table sugar.  We also use erythritol, stevia and luo han as sweeteners since these also do not digest into glucose unlike agave and fruit sugars that are still 100% digested into excess sugar and we all know that eating excess sugar can cause all kinds of terrible health problems. We also don't use maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol or other sugar alcohols that are still 50% digested into sugar and can also cause bloating and diarrhea in many people when very much is eaten.  We prefer to not use Splenda which is a blend of sucralose or other artificial sweeteners as the long term impact on human health is still uncertain and kind of potentially scary if you read about them. Unfortunately Dr. Mercola's energy bars are probably VERY loaded with "energy" otherwise known as unhealthy and toxic, sugar.  Perhaps someday Dr. Mercola may choose to carry Yes! To Cookies instead or at least give his customers and fans the option to choose a gluten free, all natural snack that is free of ingredients that digest to sugar.  If you know him, tell him about Yes! To Cookies.  Thank you again for your idea and your interest in Yes! To Cookies.
Have a wonderful and healthy day! 
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