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How To Start Selling Health Foods Such as Gluten Free, Sugar Free, All Natural Yes! To Cookies

Dear Sir.  I am 51 year old woman, recently diagnosed with pre-diabetic/high blood pressure and other illnesses, and feel ill all the time.  Living alone, it is often difficult for me to cook, and I am frustrated by the lack of low carb/low sodium convenience foods at the markets in my area.  I cannot wait to try your cookies and will email you my opinion of them.  I greatly look forward to trying them.  I have a question.  Should I ever get well enough, I'd like to perhaps start a very small low carb/low sodium convenience food business.  I know nothing about how businesses work; before I became ill I was a legal secretary.  Can you recommend any books I might read?  I notice you now sell your cookies on, my favorite low carb online store.  Would you mind telling me the process of creating a small business, packaging your food items, and persuading to sell them?  I hope this isn't too much to ask.  I am not trying to be nosey; it is just that I am too ill to work as a legal secretary/legal word processor; my illnesses have negatively effected my nervous system and my short term memory is no longer sound.  I'm only 51 and trying to think of something I can do the rest of my life.  I don't know if I can make food for other people, I can't really cook consistently for myself yet as I feel so ill, but trying to help myself and others with pre-diabetes/diabetes/high blood pressure appeals to me, as that is what I'm dealing with myself, and I thought I'd like to learn something about the process of how to help myself and others on restricted diets and how to create and sell food products to them.  Thank you sir, and thank you for coming up with a healthy cookie.  

Stacy H - Southern CA

Dear Stacy,

First of all I'm very sorry for your health problems.  Before I was introduced to The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain I felt incredibly sick. I'd always felt healthy in my younger years but after I turned forty my health seemed to just start to decline.  When my doctor, Dr. Lane Sebring told me about The Paleo Diet book I scoffed at the idea of reading what I considered to be another fad diet book.  I'd attempted other weight loss plans that didn't seem to stem the creeping growth of my girth.  At 300 lbs I was on blood pressure medicine and still had high blood pressure.  I felt terrible.  I was still jogging and eating what I considered to be a healthy diet as prescribed by our public health organizations ADA, AHA, etc. and I felt miserable.  Now I and my wife each are much healthier after returning to the eating plan of our genetic hunter-gatherer ancestors.  I encourage you to keep working on eliminating the foods that digest rapidly to glucose that are the bane of the modern diet, which includes grains, dairy (particularly milk), potatoes, rice, corn, pasta and all other highly starchy foods.  I understand your frustration with the lack of convenience foods.  This is truly one of the challenges that it is keeping America and the rest of the world sick and making multi-billionaires of the huge corporations that grow and produce these foods, the pharmaceutical companies that then offer band-aid solutions to treat symptoms instead of admitting biological fact and changing eating behavior which is actually at the root of many serious health problems.  You may discover as you reset your metabolism with healthy meats, vegetables and fats that the inflammation diminishes and you are revitalized both physically and mentally.  I expect over the next few years to see more and more convenience foods such as Yes! To Cookies and Miracle Noodles introduced to help meet what I see as a growing need for foods that do not digest to excess glucose to replace the common foods in our traditional high-starch diets.  As for starting a business as a small health food retailer, I want to first encourage you to honestly ask yourself whether you truly want the challenge of running a business.  Your desire to help others who share your health issues is admirable but I would suggest that you perhaps find someone with a health food store and spend a few days as a volunteer to get an idea if this what you'd truly like to accomplish.  Should you decide that you want to have an online store you may want to research what this involves.  You'll need to source products, set prices, find customers, promote your store and of course find the capital to implement your vision.  I don't want to discourage you but I also want you to realize the challenges you'll face.  I would suggest that perhaps you consider what talents you've built and then see yourself and your benefit not as a job or a company but rather in broader terms of what does someone need and how can you provide  something that they will value and reward you to accomplish.  Find a quiet place, release the fear and allow yourself to recognize your own unique worth and then explore where your unique set of skills and knowledge take you.  The process to bake Yes! To Cookies was available for thousands of years but it wasn't developed yet because the needs weren't so evident and I approached baking from an entirely new direction.  You, too can reinvent your life and rebuild your health but you'll want to first honestly contemplate and understand your full worth and then take an eagles eye view of the world around you and decide what will move you in the direction that you want to go and throw out the anticipated and open your mind to the possible.  You may find that there are companies and programs that would benefit from what you can provide as an independent contractor working from your home helping others to learn about how to improve their health.  I encourage you to recognize the incredible life and possibilities in front of you and explore these with your whole heart.  The books I'd recommend that you read are Deepok Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories for the eye opening truth about how to heal yourself and help others to do the same.
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